Spectral opportunity selection based on the hybrid algorithm AHP-ELECTRE

Carlos Perdomo, Cesar Hernandez, Diego Giral


Due to an ever-growing demand for spectrum and the fast-paced development of wireless applications, technologies such as cognitive radio enable the efficient use of the spectrum. The objective of the present article is to design an algorithm capable of choosing the best channel for data transmission. It uses quantitative methods that can modify behavior by changing quality parameters in the channel. To achieve this task, a hybrid decision-making algorithm is designed that combines AHP algorithms and adjusts the weights of each channel parameter, using a priority table. The ELECTRE algorithm processes the information from each channel through a weight matrix and then delivers the most favorable result for the transmitted data. The results reveal that the hybrid AHP-ELECTRE algorithm has a suitable performance, which improves the throughput rate by 14% compared to similar alternatives.


AHP; Cognitive Radio; ELECTRE; Spectral Opportunity; Decision-making;

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v18i6.16372

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