Dual method cryptography image by two force secure and steganography secret message in IoT

Maisa'a Abid Ali K. Al-Dabbas, Ashwak Alabaichi, Ahmed Saleem Abbas


With the go on evolution of both computer and Internet technology, videos, sounds, and scripts) is uses more and more greatly.  It can be used in sundry techniques in cipher and data concealing. The outcome of the wide dispersal in the Internet networks at present time sundry of safety problems, include the breakthrough of attackers during the channeled and the knowing of the transmitted data. This leading to the suggestion of a new method of combine encryption and concealment of this information so as make it difficult to identify the transmitted data. In this paper would be used three stages: the first stage, is used two force secure (2FS) in encryption image, the second stage, the conceal secret message inside cryptography image using secret key, the third stage, transform this image for Internet of things storage in the database in IoT (data flow), when the user need any information can be access in via of Internet of things (IoTs). The outcome of this system to obtain from evaluation system. It is good, efficiency, fast, high security, robustness, and Transparency.


Cryptography; Steganography; Secret key; Internet of things; Secret message;

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v18i6.15847

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