Broadband Planar 90º Loaded-Stub Phase Shifter

S. El Marini, R. Mandry, J. Zbitou, A. Errkik, A. Tajmouati, M. Latrach


The differential phase shifter is an interesting four-port passive microwave network, consisting of two different circuits, the main line, and the reference line, and providing stable phase difference between the signals at their output ports over the specified bandwidth of interest. The most famous differential phase shifter is the coupled-line Schiffman phase shifter. In this paper, a novel 90° differential microstrip phase shifter configuration is presented. By loading the main transmission line with three open stubs, the proposed design could achieve excellent performance with small phase deviation over a wide bandwidth compared to the conventional Schiffman phase shifter. The simulated results accomplished with the use of CST Microwave Studio and Advanced Design System (ADS), were found to be in good agreement and have shown that the proposed loaded-stub phase shifter achieved less than 1.1 dB insertion loss, better than 13 dB return loss and constant 90°±5° phase shift over an 89% bandwidth.


broadband; coupled-line; differential microstrip phase shifter; loaded-stub phase shifter; Schiffman phase shifter;


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