The quality of image encryption techniques by reasoned logic

Marwah Kamil Hussein, Kareem Radhi Hassan, Haider M. Al-Mashhadi


One form of data is digital images, because of their widespread of frequent exchange over the Internet it is necessary to preserve the security and privacy of the images transmitted. There are many image encryption techniques that have different security levels and there are many standards and protocols for testing the quality of encryption security. The cipher images can be evaluated using various quality measuring criteria, these measures quantify certain features of the image. If there are many methods that can be applied to secure images; the question is what is the most powerful scheme that can be used among these methods? This research try to answer this question by taking three different encryption methods (RC5, Chaotic and Permutation) and measure their quality using the (PSNR, Correlation, Entropy, NPCR and UACI), the results of these criteria were input to a fuzzy logic system that was used to find the best one among them.


correlation; encryption; entropy; fuzzy logic; NPCR;


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