A New Block Cipher for Image Encryption Based on Multi Chaotic Systems

Donia Fadhil Chalob, Amal Abdulbaqi Maryoosh, Zainab Mohammed Esa, Elaf Nassir Abbud


In this paper, a new algorithm for image encryption is proposed based on three chaotic systems which are Chen system, Logistic map and 2D Arnold cat map. First, a permutation scheme is applied to the image, and then shuffled image is partitioned into blocks of pixels. For each block, Chen system is employed for confusion and then Logistic map is employed for generating Subsititution-box (S-box) to substitute image blocks. The S-box is dynamic, where it is shuffled for each image block using permutation operation. Then, 2D Arnold cat map is used for providing diffusion, after that XORing the result using Chen system to obtain the encrypted image. The high security of proposed algorithm is experimented using histograms, UACI, NPCR, entropy, correlation and key space analyses.


Chaotic; Image encryption; Chen system; Logistic map; Arnold Cat map;

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v18i6.13746

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