Modified RSA-based algorithm: a double secure approach

Israa Al_Barazanchi, Shihab A. Shawkat, Moayed H. Hameed, Khalid Saeed Lateef Al-badri


Security algorithms like RSA are becoming increasingly important for communications to provide companies, organizations, and users around the world, secure applications who rely heavily on them in their daily work. Security algorithms use different acquaintances among companies which might belong to various countries or even cities. Such data should essentially be encrypted to make sure that there is security in transportation. Thus, the current research paper leads to the novel system of security for the safe transfer of data. This paper examines the general principles of encryption and focuses on the development of RSA and the complexity of the encryption key so that it becomes more secure in the applications used. In this project, we will work on the RSA algorithm by adding some complexity to the 3keys (3k). This addition will increase the security and complexity of the algorithm's speed while maintaining encryption and decryption time. The paper also presents an approach by means of public key encryption to enhance cryptographic security. Moreover, double security is provided by the algorithm of RSA. This novel RSA algorithm was investigated in MATLAB. Numerical results for the various parameters such as Mean Square Error (MSE), correlation and Bit Error Ratio (BER) were implemented for the encryption of the message. The experimental results demonstrated that the proposed algorithm for 3 keys has small error rate in the retrieval of the encoded text.


decryption; encryption; RSA algorithm; RSA2k; RSA3k;

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