GWO-based estimation of input-output parameters of thermal power plants

Osea Zebua, I Made Ginarsa, I Made Ari Nrartha


The fuel cost curve of thermal generators was very important in the calculation of economic dispatch and optimal power flow. Temperature and aging could make changes to fuel cost curve so curve estimation need to be done periodically. The accuracy of the curve parameters estimation strongly affected the calculation of the dispatch. This paper aims to estimate the fuel cost curve parameters by using the grey wolf optimizer method. The problem of curve parameter estimation was made as an optimization problem. The objective function to be minimized was the total number of absolute error or the difference between the actual value and the estimated value of the fuel cost function. The estimated values of parameter that produce the smallest total absolute error were the values of final solution. The simulation results showed that parameter estimation using gray wolf optimizer method further minimized the value of objective function. By using three models of fuel cost curve and given test data, parameter estimation using grey wolf optimizer method produced the better estimation results than those estimation results obtained using least square error, particle swarm optimization, genetic algorithm, artificial bee colony and cuckoo search methods.


fuel cost curve; grey wolf optimizer; input-output parameters; parameter estimation;

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