Characteristics Analysis of Non-linear Torsional Vibration in Engine and Generator Shafting system

Wei Zhang, Wenming Zhang, Xuan Zhao, Miaomiao Guo


To solve the non-linear torsional vibration problem of engine and generator shafting causing body structural vibration and noise in motorized wheel vehicle, where the engine and the generator connected directly. First of all, analysis the characteristics of the shafting system, besides the external shock excitation of engine and generator. Then, through lumped parameter model method, mathematical model of the non-linear torsional vibration was established, which could reflect the dynamic characteristics of the system. Analysis the effect of mechanical parameters and electromagnetic parameters on the shafting. And get the non-linear differential equations of the system torsional vibration, which expresses the relation between structural parameters, electromagnetic parameters and the system dynamic characteristics. And multiple scales method was used to solve the equations. Non-contact measurement method was used in the torsional vibration test. Finally, consistency of the results, indicate that the research method used is reliability and accuracy, and get the critical speed of the shafting torsional vibration.

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