AC breakdown behavior of SF6/N2 gas mixtures under non-uniform field electrode configurations

N. F. Ambo, H. Zainuddin, M. S. Kamarudin, J. M. Wari, A. Zahari


Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) gas owns remarkable properties as insulation medium and current interrupter, which make it being widely used in gas-insulated equipment up to now. However, SF6 gas has a drawback that gives adverse effect to the environment since it is a strong greenhouse gas. As the effort to minimize the SF6 usage, this study was conducted to investigate the AC breakdown behavior of SF6/N2 gas mixtures with 10/90 ratio at low pressure levels (i.e. 0.11 MPa to 0.15 MPa) under non uniform field (i.e. R0.5-plane and R6-plane electrodes configurations). The results of the study indicate that the breakdown voltage of SF6/N2 gas mixtures in non-uniform field increases linearly with the increase of gas pressure and electrodes gap distance. As a function of gap distance, a higher increasing rate of breakdown voltage values were achieved at lowest pressure of 0.11 MPa compared to other pressure levels. In addition, it is also found that a higher breakdown voltage values was obtained under R6-plane configuration. But, the difference in breakdown voltage values between R0.5-plane and R6-plane configuration is less significant as the gap distance is increased. It is also observed that the field efficiency factor of R6-plane is higher than R0.5-plane which indicates a more uniform field exists between the electrodes.


AC breakdown voltage; gas insulation; non-uniform field; SF6/N2 gas mixtures; sulphur hexafluoride;

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