Energy extraction method for EEG channel selection

Hilman Fauzi, M. Abdullah Azzam, Mohd. Ibrahim Shapiai, Masaki Kyoso, Uswah Khairuddin, Tadayasu Komura


Channel selection is an improvement technique to optimize EEG-based BCI performance. In previous studies, many channel selection methods—mostly based on spatial information of signals—have been introduced. One of these channel selection techniques is the energy calculation method. In this paper, we introduce an energy optimization calculation method, called the energy extraction method. Energy extraction is an extension of the energy calculation method, and is divided into two steps. The first step is energy calculation and the second is energy selection. In the energy calculation step, l2-norm is used to calculate channel energy, while in the energy selection method we propose three techniques: “high value” (HV), “close to mean” (CM), and “automatic”. All proposed framework schemes for energy extraction are applied in two types of datasets. Two classes of datasets i.e. motor movement (hand and foot movement) and motor imagery (imagination of left and right hand movement) were used. The system used a Common Spatial Pattern (CSP) method to extract EEG signal features and k-NN as a classification method to classify the signal features with k = 3. Based on the test results, all schemes for the proposed energy extraction method yielded improved BCI performance of up to 58%. In summary, the energy extraction approach using the CM energy selection method was found to be the best channel selection technique.


channel selection; EEG-based BCI; energy calculation; energy extraction; energy selection;


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