A Novel Elementary Spatial Expanding Scheme Form on SISR Method with Modifying Geman&Mcclure Function

Darun Kesrarat, Kornkamol Thakulsukanant, Vorapoj Patanavijit


Because of the feasible and impressive fallout, the classical Super-Resolution Reconstruction (SRR) is the contemporary algorithm for improving spatial information and reducing noise and SISR (Single-Image Super-Resolution) method, which is form on the classical SRR, is solely developed for improving spatial information. Disastrously, deficiency of the classical SISR method is conceptually computed from three specifications (b, h, k) and the simulating calculation of the optimized specifications for interpolating the better and higher spatial information images with highest PSNR is so burdersome. For figuring out this issue, the Geman&Mcclure function is proposed to replace with the ordinary SISR function because this function is conceptually computed from only one specification (T), contrary to three specifications similar to classical SISR method hence this analytic article focuses to offer a novel elementary spatial expanding scheme form on SISR method with modifying Geman&Mcclure function. Therefore, the fallout of a proposed spatial expanding scheme approximately matches to classical SISR method. From these reason, a novel elementary spatial expanding scheme is easily implemented for real works.


Digital Image Interpolation; Digital Image Processing; Super-Resolution Reconstruction (SRR); SISR (Single-Image Super Resolution); Geman&Mcclure Function;

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v17i5.12799

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