Road markers classification using binary scanning and slope contours

Zamani Md Sani, Hadhrami Abd Ghani, Rosli Besar, Azizul Azizan


Road markers guide the driver while driving on the road to control the traffic for the safety of the road users. With the booming autonomous car technology, the road markers classification is important in its vision segment to navigate the autonomous car. A new method is proposed in this paper to classify five types of road markers namely dashed, single, double, solid-dashed and dashed-solid which are commonly found on the two lane single carriageway. The classification is using unique feature acquired from the binary image by scanning on each of the images to calculate the frequency of binary transition. Another feature which is the slopes between the two centroids which allow the proposed method, to perform the classification within the same video frame period. This proposed method has been observed to achieve an accuracy value of at least 93%, which is higher than the accuracy value achieved by the existing methods.


autonomous car; binary scan; road marker; slope contour;

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