Face recognition smart cane using haar-like features and eigenfaces

Gita Indah Hapsari, Giva Andriana Mutiara, Husein Tarigan


Visually impaired has the limitation in interacting with another human. They usually use the sense of hearing and touching their face to recognize human. Face recognition is a technology that can be used to solve this problem. This paper develops a smart cane function by integrated face recognition feature on the cane using Haar-Like features and Eigenfaces. This paper proposed a portable, real time, and wearable product. Raspberry Pi supports portability that affects the delay and computing speed of face recognition algorithms. Utilization of Raspi camera on the eyes glasses is for wearable purposes. Voice output provides information on whether the face is caught on camera or not. This prototype works well during the face detection and recognition process. It needs 3 seconds for one-face recognized in range 0.25 until 1.5 meters from the camera, until the sound and information are generated. It needs is me 5 second for two faces recognized and 10 seconds for 3 faces recognized by a system in the same range between face and the camera. The accuracy reaches 91.67% for the up-right position face but for other position the accuracy is only 18% until 32%.


eigenfaces; face recognition; haar-like features; raspberry pi; visually impaired;

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/telkomnika.v17i2.11772

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