Comparison of dynamic performance between DFIG and FCWECS during grid fault

A. M. Shiddiq Yunus, Makmur Saini, Ahmed Abu-Siada


Variable speed based wind turbine generator (WTG) is the most popular WTG type installed worldwide among the other types. This type of WTG could extract 5% more energy from the natural intermittent of wind speed compared to the fixed speed one. There are two kinds of variable speed based WTG; Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) and Full Converter Wind Energy Conversion System (FCWECS). DFIG and FCWECS are placed at the first and second top of the total WTG installation since 2004. However, both of them are very sensitive to the grid dip fault and may violate the constrain of International Fault Ride Through (FRT) such as FRT of Spain. This paper aims to investigate the responses of DFIG and FCWECS during certain level of grid dips and compared performances of each others.The results show some different responses of both DFIG and FCWECS, however when they are complied with the voltage profile at PCC, DFIG is much effective to be connected to the weak grid whilst FCWECS is preferably to be connected to the strong grid.


DFIG; FCWECS; FRT; voltage dip and wind



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