Nature grasping by a cable-driven under-actuated anthropomorphic robotic hand

Li Tian, Nadia Magnenat Thalman, Daniel Thalmann, Jianmin Zheng


Human hand is the best sample for humanoid robotic hand and a nature grasping is the final target that most robotic hands are pursuing. Many prior researches had been done in virtual and real for simulation the human grasping. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution to duplicate the nature grasping of human. The main difficulty comes from three points. 1. How to 3D modelling and fabricate the real hand. 2. How actuated the robotic hand as real hand. 3. How to grasp objects in different shapes like human hand. To deal with these three problems and further to provide a partial solution for duplicate human grasping, this paper introduces our method to solve these problems from robotic hand design, fabrication, actuation and grasping plan. Our modelling progress takes only around 12 minutes that include 10 minutes of 3D scanning of a real human hand and two minutes for changing the scanned model to an articulated model by running our algorithm. Our grasping plan is based on the sampled trajectory and easy to implement for grasping different objects. Followed these steps, a seven DOF robotic hand is created and tested in the experiments.


3D modelling, cable-driven, grasping plan, kinematics, motion control,

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