Proposed P-shaped Microstrip antenna array for wireless communication applications

Noor Tamimi, Raad H. Thaher


In this paper a P-shaped microstip antenna array is proposed for X-band applications in the frequency range (8.1567-9.3811) GHz .The gain obtained in this frequency range is about 8.305dBi. The reflection coefficient is less than - 10 dB in the above frequency range. The simulation results were obtained for the optimum parameters using the CST software while the practical test was carried out using Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). The microstrip antenna was manufactured using FR-4 substrate with relative dielectric constant of 4.3 and loss tangent .The simulation and practical results were compared. The size of the antenna array is (33 70 1.6) . This array is suitable for satellite communication, radar application


UWB, Microstrip antenna array, reflection coefficient, gain, radition pattern


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