Mom, Why Don’t You Just Look for a New Good Daddy? Women’s Lived Experience in an Abusive Marriage

Elli Nur Hayati




This study aimed to understand women’s experiences of domestic violence and their decision to terminate the abusive marriage in Yogyakarta. Criterion sampling of three woman survivor of domestic violence was performed. These consented to be interviewed and a semi structure interview guide was used. The women shared their life experiences since the dating time up to the time after divorce. A phenomenological approach was employed to analyze the data, to explore, share, and validate their feelings and insights on their life experiences. From this study numerous factors that facilitated as well as hindered the women to terminate their abusive relationships, and the dynamics of the transition process were identified. The women’s experiences reflect the complexity of domestic violence. The women’s transformation from victims, meaning women living under the authorities, into survivors, meaning woman with self-autonomy, is demonstrated through their stories. The complexity of domestic violence among Indonesia women is only a little known. By comprehending the complexity of domestic violence, a more visible and practical programs to address the national commitment to improve the Indonesian women’s situation can be developed.


Keywords: domestic violence, phenomenological approach, women survivor of domestic violence, Indonesia.


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