Profil Sugestibilitas Orang Jawa Pinggiran

R Budi Sarwono


This study aims to describe the level of suggestibility of a number of subjects from the Javanese who live in the suburbs. The results of this study are expected to trigger the same research in different cultural contexts so that in the long run created an indication of the suggestibility index of Indonesian society. This suggestibility index will be very useful for reference to practice Hypno counseling which is now widely studied in various Study Program Guidance and Counseling in Indonesia. The method in this research is descriptive qualitative. The subject consisted of nine Javanese living in Jimbaran area of Semarang Regency 700 mdpl, and all of them were lowly educated (elementary and junior high). The age of the study subjects ranged from 18 to 46 years and all worked in a service company. Data collection tool in this research is a questionnaire, interview, and treatment of hypnosabilitas level test developed by Banyan Hypnosis Center California. Data analysis is done by comparing aspect that theoretically influences the suggestibility with the test result itself. The results showed that the nine study subjects had a high degree of suggestibility if included on a 3rd scale such as the Stanford scale (High, Moderate, Low). The whole background of the research subjects did not illustrate the difference in the degree of suggestibility. The identity of kejawaan, level of education, communication in the family, intellectual and other aspects of the aspect was not able to describe the differentiation level of suggestibility of this research subject. The results of this study can be used as a guide practice hypno counseling for the practitioners


sugestibility, hypnosabilitas index, java people



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