Pengembangan Model Konseling Kelompok Menggunakan Teknik Psikodrama Untuk Meningkatkan Kepercayaan Diri Siswa

Sigit Dwi Sucipto, Rahmi Mrs.


This study aims to describe and analyze the implementation of counseling services group SMA Srijaya State Palembang, Generate a model of counseling group with the techniques of psychodrama untu increase the confidence of students and Determine the effectiveness of the service model of counseling groups using psychodrama in increasing confidence State Srijaya high school students. This hypothetical model using this research method reseach and development (RnD). Produce group counseling model development using psychodrama techniques to increase the confidence of students. Generated model of group counseling using psychodrama techniques to increase the confidence of students who teridi of 8 components Based on field research, we concluded that the counseling group at the State High School Srijaya Palembang has been done in accordance stages, but the implementation is still not achieve the desired objectives. In accordance with the preliminary study 51.94% of students from 350 students have low confidence levels and less. Model counseling groups using psychodrama of 2.812 on a 0.005 significance


RnD, Group counseling, psychodrama, Confidence



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