Hubungan Religiusitas dan Kebahagiaan dengan Motivasi Belajar Santri di MA Mu’allimin Yogyakarta

Rania Melani


This study motivated their learning motivation often decreased due to; They have to follow different school rules, they just hang out with their male friends, they will be sanctioned if they make mistakes, lack the motivation to perform best because of the homogeneity of the students in school, the lack of time to get along with the family and you. This research aims to know relation of religiosity and happiness with learning motivation at santri in MA mu'allimin Yogyakarta, religiosity relationship with motivation to learn at santri at MA Mu'allimin Yogyakarta, happiness relationship with motivation to learn at santri at MA Mu'allimin Yogyakarta. The method used is quantitative research method. The subject of this research is santri MA Mu'allimin Yogyakarta academic year 2014-2015. Data collection techniques are with the scale of learning motivation, religiosity and happiness. The method of analysis used in this study is multiple linear regression, using the help of SPSS 19.0 for windows. The results of this study: the relationship of religiosity and happiness to the motivation of learning, a significant relationship between religiosity with learning motivation, and the relationship between happiness with learning motivation.


religiosity, happiness, motivation to learn



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