Layanan Bimbingan Belajar untuk Meningkatkan Motivasi Berprestasi pada Siswa Underachieving Gifted

Hendri Rismayadi, Suherman Mr, Syamsu Yusuf LN


This research is based on the phenomenon that occurs in the field that is about achievement motivation that less on underachieving gifted students. This is evident from the low achievement of learning, and not the spirit in the learning process. The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of tutoring services in improving student achievement motivation underachieving gifted SMA Negeri 4 Bandung. This research uses quantitative approach with experimental method with pre-experimental research design. The measurement technique is carried out before and after being given a tutoring service. Data collection through questionnaire achievement motivation, while the sample taken by purposive. The results showed that the guidance services can improve student achievement motivation underachieving gifted. The increasing motivation of underachieving gifted students' achievement is seen from the average score of underachieving gifted students after being given study guidance service has increased significantly, all aspects have increased. In the aspect of liking tasks that have medium / medium difficulty, likes to receive feedback, diligent and persistent to the task related to progress has increased as much as 6%. This research is recommended to teachers guidance and counseling in schools in order to use this tutoring service as one of the efforts to improve achievement motivation in students, as well as for subsequent researchers to increase the duration and consider the condition of students at the time of implementation of tutoring services.


learning counseling, achievement motivation, underachieving gifted student



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