Peningkatan Pemahaman Perilaku Prososial Melalui Layanan Informasi dengan Media Blog

Asroful Kadafi, Beny Dwi Pratama


This research goal to improve the understanding of student prosocial behavior. Research sample as many as 30 students were taken by purposive sampling technique. Methods of data collection in this study through direct observation and the use of psychological scale to determine student understanding of prosocial behavior. This research into the category of qualitative approach, precisely Action Research Guidance and Counseling. Results of Action Research Guidance and Counseling is known there is an increased understanding of prosocial behavior as much as 85% after being given the information service using the blog medium. Outcomes of this study is the first: the solution to improve the understanding of prosocial behavior, both: scientific publications in local journals with the ISSN, and a third enrichment teaching materials gave the role of counselor in the ministry.


Understanding Prosocial Behavior, Information Services, Blog



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