Perbedaan Kepercayaan Diri Siswa yang Aktif Pramuka dan yang Tidak Aktif Pramuka

A. Maulani Habibi


Humans are also as social beings who need others in their lives. Each individual makes adjustments at every stage of his development. Forms of interaction teenagers in school one of them by following extracurricular activities in school. In fact to interact then the individual must have the courage or confidence to interact with others. The purpose of this study is to see whether there is a difference of self-confidence of students who are active scouts and who are not active scouts in SMP N 5 Kota jambi, with the type of research is a comparative study and the number of samples taken is 100 people. The results of the research conducted is Based on hypothesis test of students' self-confidence scout with active scout in SMPN Negeri 5 Kota Jambi. Then obtained T-count of 3.868> t table 2.022. This shows there is a difference of confidence between students who are active with Boy Scouts who are not. Thus, the hypothesis that there is a significant difference between students' self-confidence that active scouts with students is not active is true.


self confidence, student, scouts



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