Vol 8, No 1 (2018)


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/pharmaciana.v8i1

Table of Contents

Chemometrics-assisted spectrophotometry for simultaneous determination of sodium benzoate and citric acid in beverage products PDF
Ganjar Wahyu Rahardian, Sausa Monica, Hendri Wasito, Sri Sutji Susilowati 1-10
The performance of derivate FTIR spectrophotometry method compared to colorimetry for tranexamic acid tablet content determination PDF
Ilma Nugrahani, Winni Nur Aulia 11-24
Detoxification of 1,2-dihydroxy- 4-allylbenzene, a major phenolic compound in Piper betle, through glucuronidation using S9 protein of rat liver (Sprague Dawley) PDF
Erryana Martati 25-32
Formulation and test activities of hair tonic with a combination of the aqueous extracts of aloe vera ( Aloe vera L.) and licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) PDF
Sulistiorini Indriaty, Teti Indrawati, Shelly Taurhesia 33-42
The gastroprotective effects of canna edulis ker. tuber starch on peptic ulcer and the histopathological profile of rat stomach PDF
Robby Najini, Moch Saiful Bachri, Sapto Yuliani 43-52
Correlation of diuretic therapy toward clinicaloutcomeof patients suffering from chronic kidney disease hospitalized in RSUP DR. M. Djamil Padang PDF
Fathnur Sani K., Armenia Nazar, Aina Fatkhil Haque 53-62
The relationship between patient satisfaction and effectiveness of insulin-based therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus at Ulin Regional Public Hospital, Banjarmasin PDF
Risya Mulyani, Dedi Hartanto 63-70
Improvement of family caregivers’ knowledge of polypharmacy in the elderly after health education PDF
Mustaming Mustaming, Rina Loriana, Azhari Azhari, Badar Badar 71-76
Formulation and physical stability test of oleanolic acid cream and gel PDF
Kartini Kartini, Endang Wahyu Fitriani, Laurances Tansridjata 77-86
The effects of croscarmellose sodium concentration on the physicochemical characteristics of orodispersible tablets of atenolol PDF
Nani Parfati, Karina Citra Rani 87-96
The gel formulation of the aqueous phase of snakehead fish (Channa striata) extract with various combinations of HPMC K4M and Carbopol 934 PDF
Wintari Taurina, Mohamad Andrie, Lea Anjeli 97-106
Curcumin encapsulation using dendrimer PAMAM G4 conjugated with polyethylene glycol to improve the properties of gel dossage form PDF
Rahmah Elfiyani, Yudi Srifiana, Faisal Dharojat Al Rasyied 107-118
Comparison of carbopol 934 and 941 as thickeners on ketoconazole microemulsions based on physical stability PDF
Pramulani Mulya Lestari, Kori Yati, Nanda Savira 119-128
The formulation of probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus granule with acacia and sodium alginate as binding agents PDF
Ari Widayanti, Lusi Susanah, Priyo Wahyudi 129-134
The formulation of carvedilol transdermal patch with resin gum as rate control PDF
Kori Yati, Septiana Tri Pamungkas 135-144
Total phenol, flavonoid, and anthocyanin content and antioxidant activity of Etlingera elatior extract and nanoparticle PDF
Tresna Lestari, Tita Nofianti, Lilis Tuslinah, Ruswanto Ruswanto 145-154
Screening of Antiradical Activity From Some Central Sulawesi Mangroves PDF
Didit Kustantio Dewanto, Wendy Alexander Tanod, Finarti Finarti, Renol Renol 155-168
Antibacterial activity of two isolated endophytic extracts assosiated with Indonesian mangrove plant Rhizophora mucronata PDF
Muhamad Salman Fareza, Nur Amalia Choironi, Harwoko Harwoko, Sunarto Sunarto 169-175