Vol 8, No 1 (2018)


Table of Contents

Chemometrics-assisted spectrophotometry for simultaneous determination of sodium benzoate and citric acid in beverage products PDF
Ganjar Wahyu Rahardian, Sausa Monica, Hendri Wasito, Sri Sutji Susilowati 1-10
The performance of derivate FTIR spectrophotometry method compared to colorimetry for tranexamic acid tablet content determination PDF
Ilma Nugrahani, Winni Nur Aulia 11-24
Detoxification of 1,2-dihydroxy- 4-allylbenzene, a major phenolic compound in Piper betle, through glucuronidation using S9 protein of rat liver (Sprague Dawley) PDF
Erryana Martati 25-32
Formulation and test activities of hair tonic with a combination of the aqueous extracts of aloe vera ( Aloe vera L.) and licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) PDF
Sulistiorini Indriaty, Teti Indrawati, Shelly Taurhesia 33-42
The gastroprotective effects of canna edulis ker. tuber starch on peptic ulcer and the histopathological profile of rat stomach PDF
Robby Najini, Moch Saiful Bachri, Sapto Yuliani 43-52
Correlation of diuretic therapy toward clinicaloutcomeof patients suffering from chronic kidney disease hospitalized in RSUP DR. M. Djamil Padang PDF
Fathnur Sani K., Armenia Nazar, Aina Fatkhil Haque 53-62
The relationship between patient satisfaction and effectiveness of insulin-based therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus at Ulin Regional Public Hospital, Banjarmasin PDF
Risya Mulyani, Dedi Hartanto 63-70
Improvement of family caregivers’ knowledge of polypharmacy in the elderly after health education PDF
Mustaming Mustaming, Rina Loriana, Azhari Azhari, Badar Badar 71-76
Formulation and physical stability test of oleanolic acid cream and gel PDF
Kartini Kartini, Endang Wahyu Fitriani, Laurances Tansridjata 77-86
The effects of croscarmellose sodium concentration on the physicochemical characteristics of orodispersible tablets of atenolol PDF
Nani Parfati, Karina Citra Rani 87-96
The gel formulation of the aqueous phase of snakehead fish (Channa striata) extract with various combinations of HPMC K4M and Carbopol 934 PDF
Wintari Taurina, Mohamad Andrie, Lea Anjeli 97-106
Curcumin encapsulation using dendrimer PAMAM G4 conjugated with polyethylene glycol to improve the properties of gel dossage form PDF
Rahmah Elfiyani, Yudi Srifiana, Faisal Dharojat Al Rasyied 107-118
Comparison of carbopol 934 and 941 as thickeners on ketoconazole microemulsions based on physical stability PDF
Pramulani Mulya Lestari, Kori Yati, Nanda Savira 119-128
The formulation of probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus granule with acacia and sodium alginate as binding agents PDF
Ari Widayanti, Lusi Susanah, Priyo Wahyudi 129-134
The formulation of carvedilol transdermal patch with resin gum as rate control PDF
Kori Yati, Septiana Tri Pamungkas 135-144
Total phenol, flavonoid, and anthocyanin content and antioxidant activity of Etlingera elatior extract and nanoparticle PDF
Tresna Lestari, Tita Nofianti, Lilis Tuslinah, Ruswanto Ruswanto, Yulia Salmini, Dewi Dewi, Leli Siti Zaqiah, Anggi Agustira, Putri Pratiwi 145-154
Screening of Antiradical Activity From Some Central Sulawesi Mangroves PDF
Didit Kustantio Dewanto, Wendy Alexander Tanod, Finarti Finarti, Renol Renol 155-168
Antibacterial activity of two isolated endophytic extracts assosiated with Indonesian mangrove plant Rhizophora mucronata PDF
Muhamad Salman Fareza, Nur Amalia Choironi, Harwoko Harwoko, Sunarto Sunarto 169-175