Systematic Review : Occupational Stress And Related Factors Among Hospital Nurses

Ridha Restila


Stress is one of the factors that affect the performance of nurses. According to Nursing Times 2014, more than 60% of nurses say they have experienced effects of work-related stress, such as physical or mental health problem.

This systematic review research aimed at exploring factors related to occupational stress among hospital nurses involved 16 research. This research consist of 8 research from Indonesia in the year 2000-2013 and another 8 research obtained from international journals in the year 2010-2015.

The entire research using cross sectional study design, sample size ranged from 24 - 2613. There are differences in the average number of research samples in the Indonesian research and international research (pvalue = 0,004). Total number of variables studied were 70 independent variables. The number of variables studied ranged from 4-25 per study. The most studied variables were marital status, salary, age, education, job demands, length of employment, shift work, promotion, and gender. From 9 variables most studied, promotion variable has a significant percentage of the highest p value, while the gender variable has no significant. Reference number used ranged from 7-59 references. No difference reference amount between Indonesian research and international research (p value = 0.806).

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