Suci Musvita Ayu, Mohammad Hakimi, Elli Nur Hayati


Background: Gender-based violence in Indonesia is that many cases occur. Since 1998,
violence in dating the Rifka Annisa Women's Crisis Center is a case of the second largest after
the violence against wives. Emotional violence in dating can lead to psychological effects, and
one of the psychological effect is the occurrence of anxiety. Anxiety itself can cause
psychological effects. The aimof the research to determine the relationship between violence on
anxiety in dating young women in Purworejo District.
Methods: Cross Sectional study design to girls at SMK SMAN 3 and 6 of Dating Violence (KDP)
in Purworejo District 120.
Results: The Violence of the most experienced young women is sexual violence because of
being kissed forcefully by 34.71%. Physical violence from being hit by 30.83%. Violence
economy because without the willingness to buy credit for as much as 25.83% and 17.50%
experienced emotional abuse because they feel insulted about the treatment the couple who
make it a laughing stock. Age has an effect on anxiety, where anxiety is more risky in women
who experience sexual violence against a background of 14-16 years of middle age.
Conclusion: There was a significant association between dating violence and anxiety in young
women in Purworejo District (p=0,0014 RP= 3,1 dan 95% CI=1,5-6,3).
Keywords: Dating Violence, Anxiety, Adolescent

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