Mohamad Abdul Khamid, Surahma Asti Mulasari


Background : Various human activities will generate waste. Trash can pollute the environment
and as home to a wide range of diseases that can reduce the degree of human health, so that
the waste be managed properly. Sukunan village was already implementing community-based
integrated waste processing were independent and productive, clean and beautiful environment
that involves all citizens in the implementation. The kitchen garbage management in the
sukunan village is included in the composter to be composted with the results of liquid by
bacterial degradation of organic material in the form of leachate. Leachate by the community
Sukunan village used for liquid fertilizer plant and sold. The purpose of this study determined the
genus of aerobic bacteria in the leachate of kitchen garbage result in Sukunan village.
Method : This research type was the descriptive research with laboratory test. The sample in
this study was leachate of Sukunan village kitchen garbage result. The study was conducted in
two places, in the Public Health Laboratory of Ahmad Dahlan University and in the Yogyakarta
Health Laboratory Central. The results of data analysis was described in descriptive studies and
presented in tabular and narrative.
Results : Identification of aerobic bacteria was carried in the Public Health Laboratory of the
Ahmad Dahlan University get the bacteria that approached the characteristics of the genus
Pseudomonas, Bacillus, and Escherichia / Salmonella / Aeromonas / Chromobacterium, while
the results of identification carried out in the Health Laboratory Central in Yogyakarta got the
bacterial genus such as Streptococcus (species : Enterococcus faecalis), Escherichia (species:
Escherichia coli), Pseudomonas (species: Pseudomonas putrifaciens) and Proteus (species:
Proteus vulgaris).
Conclusion : There has aerob bacteria in the leachate of kitchen garbage results in the
Sukunan Village, Yogyakarta.
Keywords : Aerobic Bacteria, Leachate

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