Izzatul Arifah, Dina Rahayuning P, Moh. Zen Rahfiludin


Background:Exclusive breastfeeding is the best way feed infant aged 0-6 months. Various factors influence breastfeeding practice, include father’s role factors. This study aimed to describe father’s roles and its association to breastfeeding practices.

Method: Method used in this study was survey with cross sectional approach. The sample were 80 couples who had 0-6 month aged baby lived in the service area of Ngesrep subdistrict in February 2012 using pusposive sampling technique. Data were analyzed descriptively using chi-square statistical test.

Result: The result showed among mothers with exclusive breastfeeding practice, about 80% father did support their wife. Father’s role were significantly associated to exclusive breastfeeding practices ( =0.0001). It was also influenced by medical support ( =0.042), grand mother and peer support ( =0.0001), and non-working mothers ( =0.049).

Conclusion: Fathers who did role supporting mothers  to practice exclusive breastfeeding, improve its success. However, medical support, grand mother and peer support, and mother’s occupation are confounding variable for this.


Keywords: exclusive breastfeeding, father, father’s role


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/kesmas.v8i2.1032


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