Alfiati Yenni, Triyani Marwati, Solikhah Solikhah


Background: Banjarnegara Hospital is the only one of state hospital located in Banjarnegara
city. The surviving and competitive hospitals must provide the need of their consumer. So, the
patients can consider to use their health service. Based on the data of Banjarnegara hospital
medical record noted that an increasing of the number of patient visit, especially in poli obsgyn.
The interview of 10 poli obsgyn patients stated that they use poli obsgyn service because of
information about service quality and health facilities in Banjarnegara hospital. The purpose of
this study was to detremine influencing factors of poli obsgyn service utilization in Banjarnegara
Methods : This study was observational analytic research with cross sectional design.
Research subjects were 77 respondents. The sample was taken with the purposive sampling
technique to determine inclusion and exclusion criteria. Using data analysis is Chi Square
statistical test.
Results : Based on Chi Square test result shows: (1) there was a correlation between
Banjarnegara hospitals existance information with utilization of poli obsgyn service which can be
seen from Asymp. value. Sig <a (0.001 <0.05) and Chi Square count 11,866 > Chi Square table
(df = 1 = 3.481). (2) There was a correlation between health service quality with poli obsgyn
service utilization which can be seen from obasgun poly Asympt value. Sig < a (0.000 < 0.05)
and Chi Square count 37,524 > Chi Square table (df = 1 = 3.481). (3) There was a correlation
between health facilities with poly obsgyn service utilization which can be seen from Asympt
value. Sig < a (0.000 <0.05) and Chi Square count 20,432 > Chi Square table (df = 1 = 3.481).
Conclusion: There was a positive correlation between the information of Banjarnegara hospital
existance, the quality of health services and health facilities to ward the utilization of services in
Banjarnegara hospital poly obsgyn service.
Keywords: utilization, services, poli obsgyn.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12928/kesmas.v4i3.1015


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