Journal History

HUMANITAS: Indonesian Psychological Journal, published by Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan in January 2004. Initially, this journal was called HUMANITAS. To show the peculiarities of the scientific field of the periodical issue of Humanity, since 2017, the journal HUMANITAS has added information "Indonesian Psychological Journal". The initial purpose of publishing journals was to support and assist lecturers in scientific publications and scientific development in the field of psychology, especially for internal lecturers in Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. In its development, the demand for better quality publications and professional governance, since 2013 HUMANITAS has made changes in journal management, so that it can be accredited "B" in 2016 and in 2018 change to Sinta 2. HUMANITAS is now expected to be a reference for writers in publications in the field of psychology , contributing to the development of science, knowledge and psychological theory.