Vol 11, No 3

August 2017

Table of Contents

EFL Students’ Attitudes and Perception towards English Language Learning and Their English Language Proficiency: A Study from Assa’adah Islamic Boarding School, Indonesia PDF
Falita G. Jaliyya, Faizah Idrus 219-228
Software Development using Object-First Approach: a New Learning Strategy PDF
Gurdeep S Hura 229-234
A Learning Model for Cultivating Self-Awareness on Human Decision-Making in an Emergency Situation PDF
Chaianun Damrongrat, Mitsuru Ikeda, Alisa Kongthon, Thepchai Supnithi 235-243
Effects of Computer Assisted Instruction on Secondary School Mathematics Students’ Spatial Ability, Achievement and Attitude in Niger State, Nigeria PDF
Ahmadu Hussaini, Gambari Amosa Isiaka, Abdul-Rasaq Olayiola Opeyemi, Alabi Thomas Omotayo 244-250
The Effectiveness of Archived E-Book Based Curriculum 2013 as an Effort to Improving Learning Outcomes in Vocational School PDF
Chairul Huda Atma Dirgatama, Siswandari Siswandari, C. Dyah Sulistyaningrum Indrawati 251-256
The Impact of Numbered Heads Together Model on the Learning Outcomes of Science Viewed from Students’ Self Regulated Learning PDF
Nia Wahyu Wijayanti, Roemintoyo Roemintoyo, Tri Murwaningsih 257-261
Exploring Plagiarism into Perspectives of Indonesian Academics and Students PDF
Rina Agustina, Pambudi Raharjo 262-272
Development of Students’ Informal Reasoning across School Level PDF
Ari Widodo, Dwie Saptarani, R. Riandi, Diana Rochintaniawati 273-282
Abilities of Reasoning and Mathematics Representation on Guided Inquiry Learning PDF
Y. Yumiati, Mery Noviyanti 283-290
Student's Environmental Literacy Profile Of Adiwiyata Green School In Surakarta, Indonesia PDF
Hephi Meilinda, Baskoro Adi Prayitno, Puguh Karyanto 299-306
The Needs for Multicultural Knowledge in Instructional Material on Theme 7 "Beautiful Diversity in My Country" Grade 4th Elementary School PDF
Latifatul Jannah, S. Suharno, T. Triyanto 307-311
Theoretical Perspectives on Critical Thinking Teaching: Reflections from Field Experiences from a Norwegian Lower Secondary School in Comparison to Tanzanian Secondary School Teaching Practices PDF
Leatitia Gabriel Mashaza 312-318
Pathway to Entrepreneurship University: An Autoethnography of Entrepreneurial Research Experience PDF
Afifah Azizah, Juneman Abraham, Bay Dhowi 319-331
Using Service-Learning in Urban Areas in Semarang Regency to Address Local Knowledge System PDF
Rully Adi Nugroho 332-336
The Competence Readiness of the Electrical Engineering Vocational High School Teachers in Manado towards the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint in 2025 PDF
Fid Jantje Tasiam, Djoko Kustono, Purnomo Purnomo, Hakkun Elmunsyah 337-342
Evaluation of Primary School Teachers’ Competence in Implementing 2013 Curriculum: A Study in Tomohon City PDF
Moreen Zedko Isaura Sumual, Mohammad Ali 343-350
The Role of Research-Based Learning to Enhance Students’ Research and Academic Writing Skills PDF
Rully Charitas Indra Prahmana 351-366
Media Literacy: Smart In Educating Society In Information Technology Era PDF
Darwadi MS 367-372
Concept Acquisition of Rotational Dynamics by Interactive Demonstration and Free-Body Diagram PDF
Ogi Danika Pranata, Lia Yuliati, Dr. Wartono 291-298