Development and Substance of Inclusive Education: A Historical Review

Nenden Ineu Herawati


The term Special Education or special education in Indonesia comes from the word Extraordinary Education, and children with disabilities are called exceptional children. Attention to extraordinary children in Western countries has existed since before Christ, while in Indonesia began in the Dutch colonial era with the establishment of 1901 institution that accommodate children and adults who suffer from blindness, in 1927 founded a foundation where the education of mentally retarded children, then in 1930 in Bandung also the implementation of education for the deaf mute and then the two years 1930 in Wonosobo same established education service for deaf mute. After independence in Indonesia in 1952 the Minister of Education established the School of Extraordinary Teachers (SGPLB) with Extraordinary Schools for the SGPLB training. SLB-SLB tailored its education services to exceptional children based on the types of disorders such as: educational services for children experiencing barriers in sightings called SLB section A, educational services for children experiencing obstacles in hearing called SLB part B, educational services for children who experience obstacles on the physical is called SLB part D, the education service for children who experience barriers to their intelligence is called SLB part C, education service for children who experience barriers to their emotions (bad boy) is called SLB part E. But the institutions are in the cities so there are still many children with special needs who have not received educational opportunities, therefore the government issued a decision through the Minister of National Education No.002 / u / 1986 decided to develop inclusive education, trying to facilitate to all children to get education services as the embodiment mandate U UD 1945 and finalize compulsory basic education.



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