Prophetic Guidance and Counseling: Implementation for Conselors In School

Casmini Casmini


This study aims to explore the concept of Guidance and Counseling (GC) prophetic in School. The focus of the study on the professionalism of counselors in services in schools as a solutive step towards the ethics, life-style, and the tendency of non-spiritual secularity that impact on various psychological disorders. Research is done collaboratively between literature and empirical research). Empirical data was collected by interviewing fiveteen GC teachers at school with Islamic Guidance and Counseling as a holistic work discipline with narrative content analysis. The results showed that first, reviewing the Prophetic dimension as a concept derived from the awareness of the prophet's exemplary application urgency. Second, the application of Prophetic Guidance and Counseling in school as an effort of theoretical implementation as well as a contribution in responding problems of learners. Third, considering the importance of the prophetic dimension for Muslim counselors, it is necessary to internalize the prophetic values by the counselors. This can be pursued in addition to the application of the theoretical dimensions of prophetic guidance and counseling concept, or in another way by strengthening the personality aspects of religious maturity that puts the balance of habluminallah and habluminannaas.


Prophetic, Islamic Guidance and Counseling,Conselors,School



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