From Ivory Tower to Entrepreneurial University: A transformation agenda for sustainable job creation and development among university graduates in Uganda

Jacob Oyugi


This paper stresses the importance of entrepreneurial university towards enhancing sustainable job creation and development in Uganda.  The problems facing the country ranging from high rate of poverty, youth and graduate unemployment; overdependence on foreign goods and technology; as well as low economic growth and development are partly caused by the education system especially at the university level.   Currently many people believe that university education in Uganda is primarily for its own sake – to impart knowledge and a love of learning with higher paper qualifications.  University education is for academic superiority disconnected from day-to-day realities, a closed environment in which knowledge and intellect is the preserve of the self-selecting, privileged few – no understanding of what is important for ordinary people. The reality of university education is about helping people make progress in their lives in the more specific sense of helping them to get better job and position in life. This paper therefore argues that transformation of universities in Uganda, from ivory tower to entrepreneurial universities, will equip the students with the behaviour, attitudes and skills with which to be self-reliant and contribute to sustainable job creation and development. The paper begins by highlighting the concept of university as an ivory tower. The objectives and framework for designing entrepreneurial university are also presented. The paper also recommends that educational programmes at all levels of university education should be made relevant to the community so as to provide the youth with the needed entrepreneurial skills. 


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