Principals’ instructional time management and students’ academic performance in secondary schools in Ondo North Senatorial District of Ondo State, Nigeria

Adeolu Joshua Ayeni


The study investigated principals’ instructional time management strategies andteachers’ effectiveness in instructional tasks, and implications on students’ academicperformance in secondary schools in Ondo State, Nigeria. Descriptive design of the surveytype was adopted. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 30 public secondaryschools from three (3) Local Government Areas in the Northern Senatorial Districts of OndoState. The sample comprised of 600 teachers and 30 principals randomly selected for thestudy. Three (3) research questions were raised and answered using frequency counts andpercentage, while three (3) hypotheses were formulated and tested using Pearson ProductMoment Correlation (PPMC) at 0.05 level of significance. Findings indicated a significantrelationship between principals’ time management strategies and teachers’ instructional tasksperformance (r-cal=0.622, p<0.05); there was significant relationship between principals’time management strategies and students’ academic performance (r-cal=0.702, p<0.05), andsignificant relationship between teachers’ instructional tasks performance and students’academic performance (r-cal=0.587, p<0.05). Major constraints to instructional time werepressure of administrative duties, excess workload and shortage of instructional materials.Based on the findings, it was recommended that principals should adopt time saving andresult-oriented techniques such as teamwork in instructional activities and delegation ofduties to top management members in order to reduce excess workload and improveprincipals’ commitment to effective coordination of teachers’ instructional tasks performancefor better academic performance of students in secondary schools.


Secondary school, Principal, Instructional time; Instructional task; Academic performance


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