Pengaruh Total Solid dan Perbandingan Bahan Baku dengan Inokulum terhadap Produksi Biogas dari Jerami Jagung

Gita Indah Budiarti, Lukhi Mulia Shytophyta, Dika Fajariyanto, Yusuf Eko Nugroho


The effect of total solid (TS) content and feedstock/inoculum (F/I) ratio  on biogas production from corn stover by solidstate anaerobic digestion (SSAD) were studied. At a F/I ratio of 2, conversion of corn stover under room temperature resulting in higher biogas yield. SSAD performed as expected at the TS content of 20%, 22%, 24%. The highest biogas yield of 200 L kg1 volatile solids (VS) was obtained at TS content of 22%, F/I ratio of 2.


Anaerobic digestion, Biogas, corn stover, Solid-state anaerobic digestion

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